Who are we?

FAMUR Group is a Polish manufacturer of machines for mining, power energy and bulk handling system industries. We provide underground and open-pit mines with mining systems and measuring instruments. We also supply coal handling systems to power plants, and special cargo handling equipment to ports. We work with clients from all around the world, and our companies are located on several continents.


Why have we created this blog?

The traditions of certain brands which now create the FAMUR Group date back to the 19th and early 20th century. Experience is one of our greatest strengths. The second pillar of FAMURr's operations is research and development; we boast our own R&D Centre and cooperate with universities as well as other companies that focus on innovativeness. We want to share the long way we've come and the part of it that is still ahead – our experience, inspirations and most interesting ideas in business – with the readers of our blog.



What do we write about?

The blog is divided into four categories: Innovations, Business, Industry and People. As part of each category we discuss topics related to heavy industry, but also issues that are tackled by companies from outside this line of business. What will the future of mining be like? What is a smart mine? What kinds of employees will be the most desirable in the Economy 4.0? Which management style is the most effective? How to prepare your company to participate in CSR projects? Experts from various fields, both associated with FAMUR and from outside our Group, will attempt to answer these and many other questions.